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Recon Mapping LLC
134 Fence Line Dr
San Marcos, TX  78666-7778
TxDOT Pre-certified in Aerial Mapping, we have experience on many highway and transportation projects.  Besides TxDOT, we have experience with the Alabama DOT, Florida DOT and CalTrans - as well as experience working on many local projects. 
LiDAR, as-built, terrestrial scanning, and survey field supplementation are just a few tools we have used to augment traditional Photogrammetry to provide our clients with the data they need to get the job done.
Corridor Mapping - Rail, Electric, Oil, Gas. Water and Sewer pipelines are just a few examples of corridor mapping projects we have experience with.  From High Altitude planning maps to detailed plan and profile sheets with orthophoto backdrops, we have many tools available.  Let us know your needs, and we will work together to provide the solution.
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