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Copyrught 2009, Recon Mapping LLC
Phone (512) 213-4555
Fax    (512) 216-6036

Recon Mapping LLC
134 Fence Line Dr
San Marcos, TX  78666-7778
Started in 2007, Recon Mapping is owned and managed by Scott Dodson, an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist (#R 1167) with over 20 years of mapping experience. 

From scribe coat drafting to working with satellite imagery, Mr. Dodson has experience in all aspects of photogrammetry. Recent project management experience included major LiDAR, GIS, and orthophoto production projects, including a $1.8 Million project covering 690 square miles of Montgomery County, Alabama, delivered on time, and under budget.

Specialty projects include working on conceptual models, including close range and as built maps of Disneylandís Splash Mountain ride. Other projects include the combination of survey, as built, and Cyrax Terrestrial LiDAR data, all combined into a seamless data set.

Teamwork with other contractors is a key to successful project completion. Many projects can only be completed by teaming up with partners that bring unique skills or capacity to a project team; Mr. Dodson has experience in working with, and managing multiple subcontractors; both local and international partners.

Data collection is accomplished on a custom Windows XP 64-bit quad processor system, with 6 gigs of RAM, and 8 terabytes of storage space. KLTís latest 64-bit programs are used to collect vector data, which is translated to the clientís desired format
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